Marc Lamont Hill, a liberal/Democrat, a CNN commentator and professor at Temple University, does not have a problem with a grown man’s attack against a 16 year old teenager who was attacked by a fellow liberal/Democrat.

The attack against this teenager was simply because he had the audacity to wear a Make America Great Again baseball hat.  Apparently neither the attacker nor the “professor” believe in making America great again.

You can be against President’s Trump policies and attempt to articulate why you are against them but why be for the attack against a 16 year old who was doing nothing but enjoying a meal at a fast food restaurant?

The Daily Caller is reporting about Marc Lamont Hill’s response to this attack by a grown man against teenagers.

Apparently this “professor” does not have the intellect to form an argument against President Trump’s policy so he must then be for physical violence against anyone who supports Making America Great Again.

I feel sorry for his students at Temple University and I question how the University can still keep him employed at the University.  I thought ground zero for bullying, let alone violence against children, was institutions of education.  I guess I was wrong or it depends what side of the political divide you are on when an educational institution will protect you from bullies even their own professors.

The “professor” tweeted out that he does not “advocate throwing drinks on people,” but it is hard to “feel sympathy” for anyone that is attacked if they want to Make America Great Again.  He then tweeted out the following:

Yes, i think MAGA hats (deliberately) reflect a movement that conjures racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc…So yes, it’s a little harder to feel sympathy when someone gets Coca Cola thrown on him.

This man of questionable intellect forgot to mention that the attacker stole the teenagers Make American Great Again hat and called him racist/bigoted names.

The question is why have the liberals/Democrats allowed themselves to be lowered to just depths or have they always been in the gutter and now more and more of the “mainstream” liberals/Democrats are proving that point?

Can they not just leave the children alone or do these “mainstream” liberals/Democrats now advocate for violence against children?

Also is it fair to say if you vote for this party are you endorsing this type of behavior because this is only one example of 100’s of this type of behavior on the left, both physical and verbal abuse.

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