New coach Dan Campbell is trying to make a good first impression on the NFL, so for their first game on national television, he dressed his team in all white. But they're the Lions, so they still sucked.

Taking the lead from from the University of Michigan down the road, who dressed in all blue for a nationally televised game, Dan Campbell decked his Detroit Lions out in all white uniforms for their Monday Night TV debut in Green Bay. But uniforms do not make the team. Talent does, and the Lions are still lacking in that department.

For the first time since 1950, the Lions wore white pants, and even though they were pretty good in the '50s, the magic didn't rub off.

Traditionally, the teams' colors are Honolulu Blue and Silver, and they Lions have worn grey or silverish pants since 1951. According to the NFL Football Uniform Data Base (yes, such a thing exists), the Lions wore red, black and white as their main colors in 1950, which is why they wore white pants then.

Although the Lions came out like Lions, roaring to a three point half time lead, they went out like the Lambs they are, losing badly to the Packers, 35-17.

As usual, anytime you switch things up and it fails, social media takes notice, and many lampooned the Lions color choices, mainly going with the old "wearing white after Labor Day" take.

Others seemed puzzled by the change.

Other saw it like Campbell, as a sign of hope.

As for me, the tight white pants reminded me of a Jimmy Fallon bit.

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