I guess the part that might be most surprising is not the answers to the questions, but that there isn't an on-going dialogue during the season.

Detroit Lions General Manager Bob Quinn held a season ending press conference, answering reporters' questions from the just concluded disastrous season. Some of the the topics touched on were the future of quarterback Matthew Stafford; on what the Lions might be looking for a in a new offensive coordinator, to replace the just fired Jim Bob Cooter. Quinn also shed light on the mid-season trade of Golden Tate to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Quinn said Stafford isn't going anywhere, party because the salary cap hit would be cumbersome, but also because he believes in his star quarterback, saying the blame for the team's futility isn't all on Stafford.

One of the sticking points for many fans was the "white flag" trade of star receiver Tate to the Eagles, effectively signalling the Lions were throwing in the towel on the current season. Quinn said there was no market for Tate, until the Eagles stepped up and offered a third round draft pick for Tate, whose contract expires after this season.

Quinn also said coach Matt Patricia will be making the call on who next offensive coordinator is, with guidance from Quinn. It is a critical hire, as another season like the one just concluded could be the last in Detroit for the two former New England Patriot employees.


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