The Detroit Lions have had many chances to earn a berth into the 2016 NFL Playoffs. There are two ways for the Lions to make the playoffs in their Week 17 game against the Green Bay Packers.

Lions Victory Path and 1st Round Bye Possibility

The easiest path, of course, is to just win, baby. A win over the Pack gives the Lions the NFC North Division title. Despite Detroit's season ending losing streak, there's still a path to a first round bye. Coupled with a Lions victory, they would get to take a week off if Seattle loses (however unlikely to the lowly San Fransisco 49ers) and Atlanta loses to the Saints.

Washington Redskins Loss Possibility

The Lions will actually know how much they need the win before they take the field Sunday night. A second playoff scenario involves the Washington Redskins. Washington has a win-and-win scenario in their game against the New York Giants. A Washington loss guarantees the Lions a least a Wild Card spot. A Washington victory, however closes that Wild Card path for the Lions, meaning the Lions game would give the winner the division and the playoffs and the loser's season is over.

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