I think this is a case of "wishful thinking" from WOOD TV8 last weekend, when they MEANT to publish rainfall from a storm system, they pulled up the wrong graphic.

Although, a few inches of snow wouldn't feel so bad right now.

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As you can see in the facebook post below, WOOD TV8 kinda jumped the gun a bit on winter weather in southwest Michigan.

A few hours later, they left the graphic up, and issued a "correction" graphic from the assignment desk.

"Folks... Bill Steffen must be dreaming of a white July! With all this heat lately, I can't blame him! Below is a graphics showing the updated rain totals. The snowflakes side photo was even left on the graphic for some laughs."

As Brennan from the Assignment Desk mentioned, Michigan, as well as the rest of the Country (and a good portion of Europe) are experiencing blistering heat right now.

Many even using Hell, Michigan as their comparison. One station in Oklahoma City showed the staggering difference in temperatures.

I've never been more thankful to have moved to Michigan than I am this week. I've endured some hot summers in Kansas and Oklahoma before. That whole "it's a dry heat" thing they say... Total BS. Hot is HOT!

If it's 113 outside (which it IS right now in Oklahoma), then it's not a dry heat... it's just too damn hot.

Did that stop me from gloating to my friends back home about how much "cooler" it was here? Absolutely not.

Though, they keep threatening to call me back in the winter when it's -20 every day. Honestly, bring on Michigan winters. I can always put on more clothing. But you can only take off so much before it becomes public indecency.

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