Here's a Christmas gift that screams UNIQUE - tickets to watch the Western Michigan Broncos in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on January 2nd. And guess what? They're not expensive.

The Broncos earned their Cotton Bowl bid following a victory in the MAC Championship game over Ohio University.

Before you stop me and say Cotton Bowl tickets are not unique, remember this. No, they're not- for everyone else. But how many times have the WMU Broncos played in the Cotton Bowl; or in any major bowl game, for that matter? There you go.

Right now, if you jump on a ticket reseller like StubHub, you can find tickets for $6. Well, JerryWorld, excuse me, AT&T Stadium, holds over a 100,000, so it's not like there are limited amount of seats.

But what about airfare? You got 'em airfare. You can't do everything. How they get down to Dallas is their responsibility. A quick check of airfares around New Year's Weekend shows, if you drive over to Chicago, the cheapest fares are around $400, round trip. That's not bad.

And you have the most unique, Kalamazoo and Western Michigan themed gift.

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