Let's be realistic, the main reason we go to Lowe's is to get one of those crucial hot dogs in the front lobby. Sure, they have a great selection of home good needs, but the hot dogs are the big seller. Well, enjoy those hot dogs while they're available at the Portage, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek locations, cause they could be gone soon. Fox 2 has reported that a hot dog stand which has operated for the last 13 years at a Lowe's in Madison Heights, MI has been asked to pack it up.

Delicious Dogs was asked by Lowe's corporate to wrap up their sales and they believe it may affect the whole region, telling Fox: "Whatever region this falls into. So all the way, I'm assuming Ohio, all the way up to Michigan is affected. Ever since this location opened up we've been here serving hot dogs to the customers and putting smiles on people's faces - that's what we do." No explanation was given as to why they've been ordered to stop selling the dogs.

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