As the weather is breaking and we start to move around the state again, always look ahead for road closures and construction.

Traveling throughout Michigan is amazing during the summer. Whether you enjoy camping, hitting the sand dunes, taking the 4-wheeler up north, or anything outdoors, Michigan is the best place to explore. However, traveling during the summer in Michigan can also be a huge pain in the butt. Construction always seems to get in the way no matter how deep into the woods you go.

If you are planning on traveling across the Mackinac Bridge this weekend, be sure to plan around its' closure. As crews are getting ready to give a fresh coat of paint to the south tower, they will have to close the bridge to hang some scaffolding. The good news is, the bridge will only be closed for a few hours and it will be overnight. The Mackinac Bridge will close to traffic at midnight on Friday, May 3rd and reopen once again at 3 am on May 4th. If you like to travel at night, be sure to plan ahead.

Source: MLive

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