This is what is probably the perfect "Michigan" gift for someone special in your life. And, unlike fudge, which will stay on your hips for years, a piece of grating from the Mackinaw Bridge is a great conversation starter and something you can display proudly anywhere, at home or at work.

As this Michigan Department of Transportation post says, they've got the grating pieces down to about the size of a piece of paper. (5" x 11" or 5" x 8") And these are selling for $20 dollars per piece.

Here's the only inconvenient part of this story: These grating pieces are only available for purchase in the front office of the MBA Administration building. Granted, a lot of people vacation near the Bridge, but still, if you thinking of buying this as a gift, it might require some planning and asking around of friends and family who are going to be in the St. Ignace area. According to their website, the Mackinac Bridge Administration building is at 415 I-75 in St. Ignace. (pretty cool address, too) M-DOT says it's right off the Bridge and off the Interstate on the St. Ignace side. And if you're wondering about having it shipped, think again. MDOT says "Looks like these are not available for shipping but you can check in with the MBA at 906-643-7600. The MBA administration building is right next to the toll booths at the St. Ignace toll booth plaza."

Yes, it's a bit of a hassle buying this, but other than maybe a chunk of old Tigers Stadium or maybe a brick from the Big House, is there any gift more Michigan?

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