"Were the snowplow drivers drunk on Friday night?" The annihilation of almost a dozen mailboxes prompts the question. The answer may be more than that.

Hey, it's Michigan, it's winter...it happens. Once in a while is surely an accident, but snowplows knocking down more than ten mailboxes in one Portage neighborhood seems much more destructive than accidental and needs an explanation. A member of the Briarhill/Westfield group on the Nextdoor social media neighborhood app posted photos and the question: "Were the snowplow drivers drunk on Friday night?"

In today's culture, it's easy to get outraged and demand that the county road commission step up and pay for the damages (and they did just that) but the real explanation is much more human. Good neighbors, understanding neighbors, compassionate neighbors, the Mr. Rogers-sweater-wearing neighbors were quick with understanding and offered explanations that make a lot more sense than a disgruntled county employee with an axe and a plow blade to grind. This commenter said it best:

Given the shortage of Plow Truck drivers- like labor shortages all over- it is more likely your driver was just fatigued beyond the point he/she should have been driving a plow, or perhaps he/she was a less experienced driver. Either is more likely than intoxication.

He went on to say, "I'm sure they would welcome your application if you'd like to apply for the job." Other neighbors noted the complexity of the cockpit with all the dials, levers, switches, lights, and loads to manage, not to mention the multiple blades and angles. To navigate all of this equipment in the dark while dealing with impatient drivers has to be a challenge.

So, while the new rookie class of drivers may need a little more experience behind the wheel, no one really thinks they are getting plowed while doing their job.

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