With the continuing changing world we live in, plans made months ago now are in limbo. If you have spring break plans coming up, you may be thinking about  canceling your trip because of the coronavirus outbreak. In some cases the choice may have been made for you.

Many top spring break attractions have gone dark amid coronavirus concerns and implemented bans. Theme parks such as Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens have closed not only their parks, but their park hotels until further notice. Now there are beach closings taking place in Miami as well as Ft. Lauderdale.

With destinations locking down, many locals are making the choice to cancel their plans. Luckily, airlines and hotels are sympathetic and making the adjustments easy on travelers.

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Morgan Jakeway, of Grand Blanc, and his family were heading to their usual spot on Marco Island and were set to leave on March 27th. Jakeway canceled the trip and said the whole process went quite smooth. Scheduled to fly on Allegiant Airlines, Jakeway was pleased with how the airline handled things. "Allegiant has their website set up to easily process cancellations. We did not have trip insurance. They are going to completely refund the purchase price for the tickets."

Jakeway told us their were a few factors that came into play when deciding to skip this trip. "My biggest concern was not the airplane ride, but was getting down to Marco Island, and not having access to groceries or restaurants. I also did not want to get stuck down there If the government started to restrict domestic air travel." Jakeway also mentioned how quickly things can change and just feeling better by staying home.

Cindy Kish and her family canceled their plans this morning. "We were flying . We’ve always driven and splurged this year.  We rented an AirBNB and the cancellation was seamless. Cancelling with Delta was easy,  we won’t get refunds, but a percent of price credit." She noted that Delta Airlines main page says no fees, but the amount credited was minus a fee.

Kish said it was tough to cancel, but the right choice for her and her family. "I want to be socially responsible, I take care of my mom who is sensitive health wise and my grandson." She also mentioned that her husband is in law enforcement and he may be needed here at home more during this time.

Hotels as well as car rental companies are working with customers on travel cancelations and rescheduling as well. If you need to cancel or postpone your spring break trip you may find some restrictions have been changed and lifted under the current situations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a travel health page dedicated to travel warnings for anyone traveling.

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