A Michigan man could go to jail for attempted to bring his mistress to the U.S. with his wife's passport.

Former Michigan resident, Rahim Javorovac, got busted by the Feds on Sept 15th on the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and could be facing very serious charges according to The Detroit News,

According to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court, Javorovac, 49, pulled up to a border inspection booth on Sept. 15 in a Nissan SUV bearing a Texas license plate and a woman, Lenche Krcoska, in the passenger seat.  Presenting to the officer a pair of U.S. passports that Javorovac said belonged to them, the Macedonia-born man now living in Illinois said he and his wife were returning from visiting a friend in Windsor for several hours, the filing stated.

The problem is Krcoska looks nothing like Javorovac's wife.  That lead to the boarder officer to ask for a second form of ID.  After stating she did not have a second ID, a fingerprint scan revealed her true identity.

The story could end there and it would be a whopper.  However, we're not finished.

It turns out Rahim was only involved with Lenche for about a week 20 or 30 years ago.  He hasn't heard from her in decades until she landed in Canada and wanted to "spend a few hours together."  Side note: she allegedly flew to Canada under the name Elena Treneska with another fraudulent passport.

Both love birds were detained pending trial.  Romeo, I mean Javoroac was released on $10,000 bond and had to surrender his passport.

You would think he would want to stay in jail.  I'm assuming the punishment he will get at home will be far worse than jail.

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