Jealousy, an alleged online affair, and split second rage lead to a murder, attempted suicide and now a jail sentence.

According to WZZM, an Ottawa County man in Grand Haven, Michigan, has been found guilty of murdering his wife then trying to commit suicide.

56-year-old Michael Scott McNeal was found guilty Thursday by a jury of his peers of second degree murder and felony firearms charges.

Unfortunately the McNeal's 17-year-old son found his mothers dead body, Sherriee McNeal back in July of 2018.

McNeal believed his wife was having an online affair with another man and went into a rage. He went to the barn and grabbed his 25-06 bolt action rifle and shot his wife three times. Then turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the face but survived his injuries.

Defense attorney Tom Smith said his client acted under the heat of passion and there wasn't enough time for him to cool off before he reacted. Then suggested his client only receive manslaughter for his crime.

The prosecuting attorney, Greg Babbitt said, "this was not an accident. This was not an impulse. This is deliberation. This is thinking. This is intending. This is murder." Then he asked the judge for first a charge of first degree murder.

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