An angry man was caught on video refusing to sit in his seat and yelling obscenities at employees at a Michigan movie theater.

We've seen an alarming uptick in fast food rage in Michigan over the last couple of years.  People lashing out at very young employees over a missing item or an incorrect order.  Sometimes those unstable moments lead to violence.  This behavior isn't something we commonly see at movie theaters.  However, it got heated at a movie theater this weekend.

Imagine you're just minding your own business trying to watch The Batman movie with a friend when a man straight up refuses to sit in the seat he purchased a ticket for.  That's what happened at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan last Friday.  Many movie theaters around the state have moved to an 'assigned seat' type of movie ticket.

The video begins with a movie theater employee remaining calm and explaining that the man's seat number is printed on his movie ticket and he must sit in that seat.  The man responds with "whatever" and begins shouting at the employee.  The man eventually leaves after a manager attempts to de-escalate the situation and repeatedly asks the angry man to leave.  The man finally ends his tantrum by telling the theater manager that he will leave because he is the bigger person.  If you watch the video below, please turn your volume down and be prepared for foul language.

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Listen, you can act how you want in public, I'm not your real dad.  Just know that when you act like this, nobody is on team "childish tantrum."

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