You heard of the saying “man’s best friend” when it comes to dogs.  Well they have earned that moniker over the years.

The New York Post is reporting on one of those “man’s best friend”.  A black bear wandered into the backyard of a New Jersey family’s home and started tearing down their bird feeder to get some food.  Then the next door neighbor’s dog, Riley, comes charging in from next door and rams into the bear.  The bear was stunned and apparently freighted because Riley scared the bear off, all this can be seen on the homeowner’s security video, provided by ABC7NY:

The owner of the home, Mark Stinziano stated:

He is an awesome pup that comes to check on the kids from time to time. Now he is keeping them safe!...Riley-1 Bear-0

The proud owner of Riley, Alan Tlusty, stated the he wasn’t surprised at all that Riley did what he did but he was surprised how relentless he was.  He was quoted saying:

It’s incredible…He does chase after the bear whenever he sees him in the yard … but not like this.

Riley certainly deserves some treats for this act of bravery.

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