Following an uproar regarding an incident involving two Marines at Marshall High School's graduation ceremony Sunday, the Board Of Education has released an official statement:

Marshall Superintendent Dr. Randy Davis specifically notes that after commencement, Dr. George Seifert told him he offered both graduates his congratulations, and added "but I am disappointed". Also after the ceremony, High School Principal Scott Hutchins says he pulled the two Marines aside and thought it was a good teachable moment. He first thanked them for their service and dedication to our country, and added "I do not feel you acted honorably today by not following our rules". He reportedly did this in private with the two graduates.

Both were simply addressing the two graduates' decision to not follow the rules for commencement. Neither intended, nor acted, to disrespect these two young men for their honorable service in the Marines. I have reached out to our military recruiters and local veterans to see if there are recommendations that exist under such circumstances for military personnel. - Dr. Randy Davis

Jon Shaver, father of one of the Marines, was interviewed on the 'Live With Renk' show Tuesday morning regarding the incident and acknowledged that the comment made by Dr. Seifert was "I'm disappointed", not "you're a disappointment". Regarding Principal Hutchin's alleged comments, Shaver maintains that his son was disrespected although he admits he was not in the vicinity when the comments were made. He believes what his son told him was true about being told, in some form, that he was being "dishonorable". He also says Hutchin's refused to apologize saying he had done nothing wrong. Jon and Christy Shaver are still asking for a formal apology from Marshall Public Schools regarding the Principal's comments to their son.


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