Liberal/Democrat judge in Michigan rules against Michigan law time after time after time.  This time a Michigan Court of Claims Judge, Cynthia Stephens, an appointee of Democratic former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, ruled that absentee ballots postmarked before Election Day can be counted even if they arrive two weeks after the polls close.

Judge Cynthia (I never saw a request by a liberal politician or group that I will deny) Stephens now ruled that if a ballot is postmarked no later than November 2nd it can be counted up to two weeks after the election.  That will give the Democrats time to create enough illegal votes they will need to defeat President Trump and Republican candidates.

In Stephens ruling she stated:

“in light of delays attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, mail delivery has become significantly compromised, and the risk for disenfranchisement when a voter returns an absent voter ballot by mail is very real"

What delays is she referring to, is the USPS not fully staffed?  Are postal carriers not coming to work?  Why are we funding a Postal Service that is functioning so poorly, according to Democrat Judge Stephens?

It does not stop there; Stephens also granted a request for a preliminary injunction that would allow absentee voters to select anyone of their choosing to assist them in delivering their ballots when they simply state that they are unable to get help from their clerk's office.

Have you ever heard of someone going to their clerk’s office to help them fill out their ballot?

Apparently Judge Stephens has no idea that Michigan law actually prohibits absentee voters to ask for help in returning their ballot by anyone other than a mail-handler, clerk or assistant to the clerk, a person living in the household or a member of the immediate family. If the Judge does know and understands Michigan law she appears to not care and it is my opinion that she illegally making law from the bench.

My question is when will this judge be removed or impeached from the bench, you cannot make law or disregard laws that were passed by the legislature.

It does not even end there.

The AP reported that Judge Stephens ruling came a day after Federal District Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis in Detroit, a Trump appointee, ruled Michigan’s law making it a misdemeanor to hire drivers to take people to the polls barring a disability goes against U.S. election law.  She ruled that:

“Congress implemented a statutory scheme and gave citizens the right to spend money on transporting voters to the polls”

Elections are run by the states and not by the Federal government.  If what the judge states is correct and she is not misinterpreting the Federal statue what does that matter?  States run their own elections we are told!

Why is it that judges that are appointed by Republicans many times turn tail and start ruling by emotion like liberal appointees?  You never see liberal appointed judges who all of a sudden start ruling according to the law as written as opposed to how they feel.

There is an all-out effort by the Democrat Party, the courts, the media and some establishment "Republicans” to defeat President Trump and Republican candidates no matter what it takes.  They appear to say damn the law, damn precedent and make it as easy as possible to cheat. 

By the way, why not make it that all ballots must be mailed in 14 days prior to the election?

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