And it was all part of her birthday surprise.

Last Friday, Khloe Lewande got the best birthday gift ever - a reunion with her Dad, who had been deployed with the United States Air Force.

Senior Master Sgt. Thomas Lowande has served in the military for 22 years. He had originally planned to join the Air Force and then become a police officer but, as plans often do, that changed.

Thomas, his wife Kylee and his daughters Khloe and Adalyn had just moved back to their home state of Michigan after living in the UK for four years. Less than two months after they came back, Thomas was deployed. Again.

Kylee says that the girls were having a hard time adjusting to life in the United States and really missed their dad, so Thomas surprised Adalyn at her school in Kalamazoo on Friday.

STOP.CUTTING.ONIONS. Cuz I can't stop tearing up.

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