Can you guess what Michigan city made the list of the 10 Most Unexpectedly Awesome Coffee Cities in America?

Here is the criteria used to create this list:

  • Amount of coffee shops in the city
  • Average price for a cup of coffee
  • Number of roasters in the area
  • The overall quality of life

Ann Arbor grabbed the #3 spot on this prestigious list.  One reason Ann Arbor made the list is their coffee shop to resident ratio according to,

The University of Michigan’s 44,000 caffeine-crazed students have propelled Ann Arbor into the upper echelons of coffee cities. ApartmentGuide put Ann Arbor on the list of the 10 Best Cities for Coffee Lovers in America thanks to the city’s impressive ratio of one coffee shop for every 2,825 residents. There’s a coffee shop here for literally everyone’s taste, whether it’s a national chain or a hip shop using locally-roasted beans like Black Diesel Coffee. Aspiring roasters and baristas can even immerse themselves in Zingerman’s Coffee Company’s seven different brewing techniques and attend one of their monthly coffee “cuppings” or tastings.


Here is the 10 Most Unexpectedly Awesome Coffee Cities in America:

10) Portland, Maine

9) Providence, Rhode Island

8) Jersey City, New Jersey

7) Cincinnati, Ohio

6) Boise, Idaho

5) Sacramento, California

4) Reno, Nevada

3) Ann Arbor, Michigan

2) Spokane, Washington

1) Tampa, Florida




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