Well, well, well how interesting is it that most democrat and some republican politicians are concerned about President Trump’s tariff strategy yet it could help Michigan.

What will the two Michigan Democrat Senators, Stabenow and Peters have to say about the pickle or should I say very tart cherry they may be in.  Do they support their leadership’s position that tariffs do not work, even thought that appears to be contrary to what is occurring this go around, or do they support one of Michigan’s agricultural industries that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Travers City each year.

The Detroit News is reporting about the attack Michigan’s cherry farmers are under by the country of Turkey.

Did you know that Michigan’s cherry production represents 75% of all United States production of cherries?

Did you know that they have seen their prices cut in half over the last few years?

Who do the Michigan cherry farmers blame it on, well the country of Turkey.


Turkey is dumping their cherries in to the U.S. market, which is causing the price to collapse.  Did you know that the U.S. charges most countries only one-half cent per liter on imported cherry juice?  This cherry juice is used by the food industry as flavoring in beverages, ice cream and other products, or just consumed by people.

What does Turkey charge the U.S. to import their cherry juice, well a whopping 58% tariff on all U.S. cherry imports.

The Cherry Marketing Institute has informed us that “Turkey pours its tart cherry juice concentrate into the United States at an average price of $4.59 per gallon compared to $28 per gallon for domestic concentrate”.  That is a huge disadvantage for American Michigan cherry farmers.

Now you tell me if that if fair?

This is exactly what President Trump has been attempting to explain and stop or curb with his threats of equal tariffs or the actual tariffs he has imposed.

Now some still may be against tariffs and state, correctly so, if these other countries what to subsidize our consumption of cherry juice fine we are saving a lot of money by them doing so.

That is correct and sounds great except to the cherry farmers and even more importantly to the businesses that make a living off of the cherry festival visitors.

The cherry farmers could grow other crops, would those crops be as profitable, I assume no.  The added problem is all of the business who would not have the visitors as customers because I doubt they would come for corn or some other product.

So now are you Michiganders who were opposed to President Trump’s tariff strategy now re-thinking that position.

I am going to assume not because the hatred for President Trump runs so deep they do not care what happens to us common folk who keep America running and are turning it great once again.

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