I saw a picture recently of Tim Allen representing a Kellogg Community College sweater and wondered just how many SWMI colleges he represented during the show's run? It turns out there are 37 different Michigan colleges he represented throughout the show's run. Apparently various Michigan-based colleges and universities would send sweaters and t-shirts to the show for him to wear during an episode. Because Allen considered Michigan his home state, the rule was that only Michigan schools would get the free advertising.

The following colleges from around here were all featured on the show:
Hope College- Holland
Talk To Me/ Shopping Around  (Seasons 4,5) 
KCC- Battle Creek Future Shock/Jill And Her Sisters  (Season 6)
Kalamazoo College- Kalamazoo When Harry Kept Delores (Season 5)
Western Michigan University- Kalamazoo       
It Was The Best Of Tims, It Was The Worst Of Tims (Season 3) That's My Momma' (Season 5) Future Shock (Season 6)
 A Night To Dismember (Season 7) Taylor got Game (Season 8)


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