Sam was an older pup just looking for a home, then he found 4!

Sam is something special. Not only does he work for an international company, he has 4 homes that love him dearly! Strategic Staffing Solutions is an information technology staffing and management consulting firm that loves animals and adopted Sam.

Sam is a 10 year poodle, mix that these fine ladies adopted from the Michigan Humane Society...

  • Orvella Bettis (recruiter)
  • Sharima Bulchak (assistant to CEO)
  • Karyn Mahler (a fulfillment manager)
  • Katha Shockley (senior recruiter)

The four employees who share Sam work together to produce monthly schedules on with whom Sam will stay with when they are not working.

Not only do they have Sam there are 3 cats that share the office space. According to the Detroit Free Press, the pets are paid in treats and love.

Sharima Bulchak talked to the press and expressed that pets reduce levels of anxiety and stress in humans. She went on to say she believes she has seen this happen in the office.  What a wonderful way for any company to show support to animals and our local shelters!

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