One couple winning the lotto 3 times in one month could be a pretty amazing story all by itself.  But, that's not the big story here.

Steve and Donna Stone, of Marion, Michigan have been married for almost a year.  From car accidents and job loss to surgeries gone wrong and their home falling apart, it's been a rough year.

2018 however, is off to a great start.  They say its good karma.  According to the Marion Press,

A few days before Christmas, while shopping at ValuLand, Steve found a purse left in a shopping cart. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, Steve called the owner. He returned the purse and the owner was thrilled.

A few days later, after a good friend was having a rough day at work, Steve gave that friend $20 to help her get by.

Later that day is when the lottery winning streak began.  First, Steve won $410.  Soon after that, the couple won $5,000!  Not too long after that, $50,000!  They won the lottery 3 times in a month!

They want to keep the good Karma going so they plan on donating to some of the winnings to St. Jude's children's hospital.  In fact, they've helped more people in need locally.  You can get the full story from Marion Press by clicking here.

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