It could not get any more hypocritical and funnier than freshman Michigan Democratic congresswoman Elissa Slotkin telling CNN she will not leave Washington D.C. until Congress passed a second coronavirus relief package.

In fact, she told CNN’s Jake Tapper on his show at 4:25 pm:

"I just knew that I was not going to go back to my district and walk around and go to the grocery store and have people ask me again about the state of the latest COVID emergency bill, and tell them that because of politics we couldn't get in a room together”


Less than 40 minutes later at 4:57 pm she is spotted and filmed at the D.C. airport presumably heading back home.  She was asked why she is leaving D.C. without a COVID relief deal that was passed she refused to answer.

The freshman Democrat represents Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District which consists of all of Clinton, Ingham, and Livingston counties, and included the southern portion of Shiawassee and the northern portion of Oakland counties.

She is asking for her constituents to re-elect her this November.  Presumably, those same constituents that she would see walking around her district and at the grocery store.

Less than 40 minutes, how pathetic of a person can you be to tell the world that you will not leave D.C. until a bill is passed while you have your suitcase packed and you leave directly from the studio to go to the airport to leave D.C.?

Who in their right mind and say they love America could actually vote for this person now?

Those who do not love America and support and/or enable the rioting, looting and violence occurring today in our cities.

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