While canvassing Michigan Democrats to help complete voter polling, the Associated Press also asked them about issues, not just candidates. The AP reports health care appears to be the primary concern of Michigan Democrats, ranking higher than things like climate change and the economy.  4 out of ten questioned rank health care as their number one issue. Close to 9 in 10 Democrats say it’s very important their nominee can beat President Trump. Being willing to work across the aisle was considered very significant for a Democratic nominee by about 6 in 10 voters. A wide majority say they will definitely vote for the Democratic candidate against the President in the general election. Still, about 2 in 10 say their decision will depend on which Democrat is on the ballot in November.

There is majority support among those questioned for a government-run health care system for all Americans, with nearly two-thirds of Democrats saying they are in favor. Roughly 4 in 10 are opposed. But support for a public option, where every American could buy into a government-run insurance plan if they wanted to, is even higher. Close to 9 in 10 Democrats in the survey are in favor.

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