Was it ok for American Airlines to remove a family from a flight because of body odor or was it discrimination? 

A Michigan family was kicked off of their flight home from Miami because of body odor complaints according to Nydailynews,

Yossi Adler and Jennie Adler were headed home from their trip in Miami with their 19-month-old daughter when the incident occurred, the two told Local 10 News, a Miami TV station. They had boarded their American Airlines flight at Miami International Airport, but were soon escorted off.

“All of a sudden, as soon as they took us off, they closed the gate and then they said, 'Sorry, sir, some people complained you had body odor and we're not letting you back on,’” Yossi Adler told the outlet.

“There’s no body odor that we have. There’s nothing wrong with us,” he continued.

To add insult to injury the airline said they would take the family's luggage off the plane but did not.  The jet flew off with their clothing, car seat and stroller as they were left stranded in Miami.

You can get the full story from nydailynews.com.

People that complained about their body odor have clearly never had the seat next to the bathroom.  I've smelled better reasons to remove a person from a flight.

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