We are back to the issue of toys and how they harm the psyche of boys and girls by giving boys “boys toys” and giving girls “girls toys” in their happy meals.

Do most people who have children really believe this?

Well a Democrat Michigan State Representative Leslie Love from Detroit does, she has introduced a House Resolution that urges restaurants to stop “gender classification of kid’s meal toys”, and she has 14 other House Democrats to agree with her.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting about this resolution in the article, State Representative Love writes in the Resolution:

often, the designated ‘boy toys’ are action figures or building toys; typically in primary colors, whereas ‘girl toys’ are often stuffed animals and are usually in a pastel color scheme...This is a significant issue as billions of these meals are sold every year and this practice can influence and limit children’s imaginations and interests by promoting some toys as only suitable for girls and others only for boys.’’ 

How does a toy from a meal “influence and limit children’s imaginations and interests”, the parents can still buy their daughters “boy toy’s" and their sons “girl toy’s” if they so wish?

The Resolution even goes as far as saying that their are actual studies that:

highlighted the harmful effects of gender-classified toys

You even have the extreme liberal activist group change.org stating:

It has been proven that not only is this bad for our childrens’ self-esteem and intellectual prowess, but also contributes to bullying and ostracism

 How about we just let parents parent their children and not the state.

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