A Macomb Township girl did just want she practiced with her mother and it may have saved her life.

The 12 year-old-girl and her mother set a password just for a creepy moment just like this according to WXYZ.com,

The girl was walking to her school bus stop when she was approached by a newer model, black Chevy, four-door sedan. The windows of the vehicle were heavily tinted.

Authorities say a male suspect in the vehicle asked the girl to "get in the car." She responded by asking what the password is. The suspect said he didn't know, so the 12-year-old ran away from the vehicle.

The Macomb County Sheriff's office is still looking for the suspect who is described as being in his early 20's with dark hair.  If you have any info please call 586-469-7198.

This is yet another story on how the quick thinking of a very young person prevented a story from becoming tragic.  Just last week we reported on an 11-year-old that saved her brother from being abducted.  Read that story by clicking here.

Having a plan with your children really can save their lives.




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