A 10-year-old Detroit girl used instructions she learned watching a YouTube video to assist neighbors after their apartment building was set on fire.

Christina Walton said she remembered seeing instructions to put her shirt up over her nose and mouth and to stay low to the ground when trying to escape from a fire. She's being credited with helping several of her neighbors survive.

"I helped some people because the flames were coming up and it was hard to breathe, and I took my shirt and I (put it over my face) and I ducked down. And the flames were just coming," Walton tells WJBK.

The fire at the apartment building on Detroit's west side has been determined to be caused by arson. One unidentified suspect is currently in custody.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to escape. A mother and her five-year-old daughter have died as a result of the fire.

"The people next door to us were asleep and they couldn't hear us," Christina said, fighting back tears.

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