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On Thursday lawmakers in the House heard testimony and debated whether privatization proposals needed more in-depth analysis before those privatization proposals were approved and implemented.

Michigan’s House Government Operations Committee heard testimony concerning six bills, all six bills have bipartisan support and would require:

  • State agencies to do more than compare a contractor’s bid against the cost of using state employees
  • State agencies would also have to study how outsourcing would affect local communities
  • Determine how the state’s treasury might be affected by laid off workers seeking public assistance
  • Determine how tax revenues might be affected
  • Large contractors to be required to post more in-depth data online concerning how they are using taxpayer money

My first thought was: why are they not doing this already?

Maybe I am just using my brain too much when I read and attempt to analyze these bills. To me it would be just common sense to perform most of the above stated steps before I was to determine which is the best option for the state, privatize or keep it a public employee function.

I do question whether the state agencies should consider how outsourcing would affect local communities. We need to decide whether the state is in the business of providing jobs to local communities or what is in the best interest of the state. I understand the negative impact of those with government jobs and how the possible loss of those jobs would affect people and the communities they live in. We must look at government jobs from a state point of view and how they affect the state not local communities.

Do you see this a different way?

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