Protests against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s closing orders affecting everyone in Michigan are increasing. Following  last week’s state capital protest that drew tens of thousands, the Governor commented that she may have to extend closing orders, claiming the protesters put more people at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. That infuriated tens of thousands who took to social media platforms to promise more protests. A number of lawsuits challenging the Governor s actions are waiting court action. Plaintiff’s in each case are asking for expedited hearings and rulings.

One of the latest lawsuits filed against the Governor is from the group Michigan United for Liberty. The group points out the number of COVID-19 cases in Michigan don’t warrant the Governor’s shutdown order. The group maintains that only three tenths of one percent of Michigan’s population is confirmed as coronavirus positive, as of April 16. An excerpt from the lawsuit reads:
“In the days leading up to the date of this complaint, Defendant has publicly stated that infection rates have either peaked or plateaued based on her available evidence. Unclear is what her evidence actually is: Defendant has purported to unilaterally limit to the point of effectively suspending governmental transparency laws.”

Michigan United For Liberty is organizing a protest at locations across the state tomorrow. Then, next Thursday the 30th, is helping to organize yet another protest involving Michigan residents at the State Capital in Lansing, similar to last week’s event. The group says it’s Facebook posts about the protests have been blocked by the social media platform censors.

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