Many people are cheering on Michigan’s Governor Whitmer for her desire to be the first state in the nation to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette products.  I was shocked to find out that a Governor can actually act like a dictator and ban the sale of any legal product.

It is interesting to note that the party that likes to say that President Trump acts like a dictator cheers on one of their own who actually is attempting to do something that an actually dictator would do.

Apparently Michigan Law does give the health department the power to issue emergency rules protecting public health, in that law it states:

Exercise authority and promulgate rules to safeguard properly the public health; to prevent the spread of diseases and the existence of sources of contamination; and to implement and carry out the powers and duties vested by law in the department.

Once the rules are filed, we are told that will be later this month, retailers will have 30 days to pull banned products off their shelves.

It is interesting that the Governor is using the emergency rule avenue since it is not subject to legislative revenue, again if President Trump pulled this trick he would be called a dictator.  The emergency rules could last up to one year.  After the year has expired the Governor would either have to work with the Legislature to enact permanent regulations or attempt to codify the flavor ban through the traditional rule-making process, which would then be subject to legislative review.

I understand everyone’s concern about younger people starting down the path of a very bad habit of inhaling nicotine but because of that do we want to allow politicians to ban the sale of a legal product instead of just outlawing that product outright?  The Governor already signed a bill back in June of this year outlawing the sale of “vapor product” or “alternative nicotine product” to anyone under the age of 18 years old and creates penalties for doing so, why is that not enough?

I would agree that the fact that these companies sell flavors such as Fruit Loops, Fanta, bubble gum, and Nerds does sound like they may be marketing to younger people.  I am sure that many adults also would enjoy flavors such as the ones I have pointed out.  In fact there are probably many adults who do not want to buy the tobacco flavor e-cigs and prefer the flavored ones.

Governor Whitmer stated:

This is a health crisis we’re confronting…It would never be permitted if it was cigarettes, but we’re letting these companies target our kids, appeal to our kids and deceive our children…creating consumers for them so they can make money at the risk of children’s health. These are kids whose brains haven’t even finished forming.

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by British researchers found vaping (using fruit and sweet vape liquid) is twice as effective in helping smokers quit as nicotine patches and gum.  Nicotine patches and gum are currently the only two products approved by the FDA to help smokers quit. If adults prefer sweet and fruit flavored vape liquid over tobacco flavor, why would they switch over to vaping if the only option is tobacco flavor?

Independent Women's Forum (IWF) Center for Progress and Innovation Director Julie Gunlock issued the following statement:

It’s unfortunate for the people of Michigan that Gov. Whitmer has chosen to ban the very product that has helped so many quit the far more harmful habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. This government meddling will only lead to a thriving black market for flavored e-cigarette liquid at the very time when the FDA is investigating injuries likely caused by the illegal trade of these products. Michigan citizens deserve better, and they certainly deserve the right to purchase products that can help them extend their lives by quitting smoking.

Could this not be considered a slippery slope, to allow Governors or Presidents to outlaw legal products with simply a swipe of a pen.  Is this the world you really want to live in?  Yes these products are harmful, if you truly believe that then work to outlaw them in the normal process.

How about the sale of alcohol, there are plenty of fruity flavored alcohol drinks on the shelves of Michigan stores.  Why isn’t Governor Whitmer outlawing the sale of those alcoholic drinks?

Fast food and high sugar content drinks kills people at a much higher rate than vaping does, why isn’t Governor Whitmer outlawing the sale of fast food via her emergency rule authority?

What about guns, could those be next?  Yes guns are constitutionally protected right now but open that door a crack and let us all see what the people who think they know better than you do will do.

Remember what Benjamin Franklin said:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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