The Michigan Health Department has confirmed the second case of acute flaccid myelitis.

Another case of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) has been confirmed in the state of Michigan according to the Michigan Department of Heath. Wood TV is reporting that...

A rare polio-like syndrome may be in West Michigan. There are 155 cases reported across the country and now a possible case has been reported in Ottawa County in a child.

A number of other cases in the state Michigan are being looked into at this time.

Here are the symptoms that you should look for with AFM according to the CDC...

"Most people will have sudden onset of arm or leg weakness and loss of muscle tone and reflexes. Some people, in addition to arm or leg weakness, will have:

  • facial droop/weakness,Fludifficulty moving the eyes
  • drooping eyelids
  • difficulty with swallowing or slurred speech

The worst part of this disease is that there is no cure for AFM. The CDC states...

There is no specific treatment for AFM, but a doctor who specializes in treating brain and spinal cord illnesses (neurologist) may recommend certain interventions on a case-by-case basis.

Here is how you can protect yourself and family...

  • You can protect yourself and your children from poliovirus by getting vaccinated. Polio vaccine contains inactivated (not live) virus, and protects against poliovirus. This vaccine does not protect against other viruses that may cause AFM.
  • You can protect against bites from mosquitoes, which can carry West Nile virus, by using mosquito repellent, staying indoors at dusk and dawn (when bites are more common), and removing standing or stagnant water near your home (where mosquitoes can breed).
  • You can protect yourself and others from enteroviruses by washing your hands often with soap and water, avoiding close contact with people who are sick, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including toys.

Take care of yourself and family; may this ugly sickness bypass all you love!

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