Hunters get the bad reputation of just wanting to kill everything in sight.  I learned years ago that almost all hunters are the true conservationist.  In fact it was the hunters who saved the wild turkey population in Michigan.

Now we find out from Wood TV and the Detroit News that hunters once again came to the rescue of animals we are told by extremist that they want to kill all in sight.  Some hunters came across two rutting bucks in a creek with their antlers entangled within each other.  These animals would have absolutely died if it were not for the quick thinking and caring of these hunters.

One of the hunters went and retrieved a chain saw on an extension pole and carefully cut one of the entangled antlers off.  They freed the bucks and eventually both bucks ran away alive to rut another day.

The moral of this story is never listen to extremist on any subject and know that most hunters do love to hunt the animals of their choice but they also respect those animals and want to see their herds thrive.  Think about it; why would they want to wantonly kill all the animals they hunt because they would then no longer be able to hunt.

Check out the video provided by the Facebook Page of Peggy and Mark Johnson:


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