Don't be surprised to see more than the usual number of commercial vehicles pulled over by cops on I-94 in the coming week.  Michigan is part of a multi-state effort to ticket commercial vehicle violators during the week of Dec. 9th-13th. Officially it's called ""Eyes on 94” and the goal is to reduce commercial vehicle crashes along the I-94 corridor.

Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are the other states participating in the one week crackdown, with I-94 the main focus as it runs through all these states, but other highways are also under surveillance.

During this initiative, motor carrier officers will focus on violations by commercial vehicles that are most likely to contribute to a crash, which include distracted driving, following too close, improper passing, speeding, and improper lane use.

“This enforcement effort is a great example of the commitment by the MSP, Indiana State Police, Illinois State Police, and the Ohio Highway Patrol to reach our common goal of increasing traffic safety and reducing crashes,” stated Capt. Michael Krumm, commander of the MSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. “We hope to increase awareness by being visible on the I-94 freeway, which is prone to weather-related crashes involving interstate commercial vehicle drivers this time of year.” - Michigan State Police release


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