Last Wednesday a listener of mine called into my show to ask if I knew of anyone who was organizing a trip to the President Trump Rally on January 6, 2021.  I did not but now I do.

The Epoch Times published an article discussing several people from around the country who are organizing caravans headed to Washington DC for what many are calling a historic protest on January 6, 2021.  A protest against what many, outside of the mainstream manipulative “news” (MSMN), believe was an obvious theft of a presidential election.

Yes, I know MSMN, Democrat’s and some RINO’s like to say many judges have disagreed with the evidence.  The problem with that statement is the MSMN, in showing once again why they earned that title, are not telling you that almost every one of those judges has refused to look at the evidence and is summarily finding a way not to look at it.  Most used is the plaintiff’s do not have standing.

A Michigan man who goes by the nickname Dr. ENoCH is using Twitter until Twitter once again shows they do not believe in Free Speech and shuts him down is organizing what they believe is one of the larger caravan efforts.  Epoch is reporting that his efforts encompass 20 cities along four routes. 

According to the Epoch Times article as of the publication of their article, there are : 

“four caravan routes starting in Boston; Lansing, Michigan; Nashville, Tennessee; and Gadsden, Alabama. The Michigan and Massachusetts caravans plan to converge in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, before heading to Washington via Maryland. The Tennessee and Alabama caravans are to converge in Richmond, Virginia.”

Dr. ENoCH told The Epoch Times that:

“considering the size of the two prior post-election Trump events in Washington—which the president didn’t call for or endorse ahead of time—the Jan. 6 event is on pace to become the biggest Trump rally so far.”

The Michigan man went on to say:

“There are two things that Trump’s ever asked us to do. One was to vote for him and now, the other one is to be in D.C. on the 6th...That’s why I started organizing this.”

Dr. ENoCH said he will join the route running through his state of Michigan. He told the Epoch Times that “organizers for each stop are responsible for figuring out a convenient exit from the highway, with enough parking and gas station pumps to accommodate a large volume of cars”.

Dr. ENoCH ended with:

“It might be one of the biggest caravans we’ve ever had here in America”

A 22-year-old woman from Fenton, Michigan by the name of Amelia said:

“I think if we don’t save our republic now, I don’t know when we can”

Others had very poignant thoughts about what occurred last November and what is at stake.  Dean, 55, of Charlotte, North Carolina, told The Epoch Times:

“The whole event is going to be like our 1776 moment. It’s an important time to make sure that America stays America. It’s a crazy day, but I want to be part of it”

Shawn, 57, of Knoxville, Tennessee said:

“I’ve never served in the military, but I feel like I’m right now in the military...And I’m going into war. I’m going to battle for my country. I think we all feel that way. We’re going to get boots on the ground.”

A man from Queens, New York, who didn’t want his name published, smart because of the violence committed all last year by Biden supporters and Democrats, told The Epoch Times:

“Trump is not only the president of America. I believe he is the leader of the free world...If America falls, then the rest of the free world is going to fall to socialism and communism and the New World Order...America is the last stand for freedom...That’s what I truly believe, and that’s why I’m going there on Jan. 6. It’s a serious thing for me.”

If you do attend please call my show between 9 am to noon EST to be our eyes and ears on the ground.  The number is 269-441-9595.

Be safe and be careful of all the Biden supporters and Democrats who will be there to provoke you into violence or just cut right to the chase and commit on you as they have been committing for the last year.

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