I'm convinced - all we have in the end are our stories. The money and boats or cars or airplanes you owned won't matter to anyone when you're in a rocking chair and some TV reporter shows up on your 100th birthday to ask, "What have you done for the past 100 years?"

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But, if you can look them in the eye and tell stories about being Jimmy Hoffa's pilot or flying cargo planes onto mountaintop runways for the CIA's Air America - and the time you spent in federal prison for running drugs - then you got something.

According to MLive.com, Neil Hansen, a guy who's only 82 years old and who did all those things and wrote a book about it, will talk about it on February 5th, at 7:30 p.m. at the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville. I've only known one guy who flew for "Air America" - but, based on what that guy told me, Capt Hansen will have some good stories.

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