Those who operate medical marijuana shops without licenses should start taking notice to what Michigan officials are doing because they could be next. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs started shutting down 40 illegally operated facilities last Thursday by handing out cease and desist letters according to The Oakland Press.

David Harns, who is a spokesman for the department gave a statement saying the businesses had the proper notification to apply and gave a reason for the shutdowns:

Any business that didn’t apply for a license by Feb. 15 isn’t in compliance with the emergency rules that were set up.

Oddly, all of the 40 shops that were shut down all happened in Oakland County according to Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw. While no property is being confiscated during the letter issuing, hundreds more identical letters are expected to be issued to more businesses statewide within the next few days. The letter indicates those who don't comply and shut down face the ineligibility to receive a license in the future and could face penalties or sanctions.







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