We've all been there before. Stuck indoors during a huge snow storm and not wanting to take one step outside. So what's the first thing we think of for dinner? Pizza of course. The long wait time is always worth it.  But eventually, when the dough settles we have to ultimately head outside to shovel the driveway.

There is, however, one pizza place that is changing the game in Michigan to make sure you don't have to do anything for the rest of the night during a snowstorm. Mario's Pizza in Union Pier will deliver your pizza and for just $15 extra bucks, Co-Owner Tony Gloriosos will plow your driveway.

The idea came to him when the area started to get hit with lots of snow. Tony told WSBT 22:

Business was kind of slow. No one wanted to come out. We do offer delivery of course and I've been plowing for eight to nine years now. So we decided what better way to offer a pizza than a plow for a special price.

He went on to add that the amount of snow dictates how much the plowing service goes for:

Right now we are doing it for $30. So the amount of snow dictates it if I'm going to be there a while. We'll kind if raise the price if they have, for getting a lot of snow that day.

I think some of the local pizza places should start doing this. Imagine if the Kalamazoo Pizza Company delivered one of their amazing pizzas and plowed your sidewalk. #Heaven

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