Police are looking for a man caught on camera pooping in multiple vehicles.

The Warren Police Department are trying to get to the bottom of this recent serial pooper caught on camera dropping a duce in vehicles at two different auto shops.  The first happened just after Midnight back in November at Friendly Auto.  Just when you thought the police were dealing with enough crap, the serial pooper struck again.  This time on February 3rd just after 5 A.M. at Twins Tire.

This man isn't exactly the FBI's Most Wanted.  Well, maybe number two.  But the police are asking for help from the public to identify this man as they have very little to go on.  You can see the suspect squatting down in the vehicles in the video below provided by WXYZ.

It seems as though the only damage to the vehicles would be the poo.  Which indicates that the doors were likely left unlocked.  So, that stinks.  Fox 2 confirmed that the first vehicle was unlocked,

Employees say they lock the doors of all the vehicles they service. But this time, the unlucky customer's doors would not lock.

Then there's the cleanup according to WXYZ.com,

Police say the service center cleaned the vehicle at no cost to the owner.

Well that's a relief.

I'm no Sherlock.  However, the police should probably take a look at Piglet.  Piglet's always playing with Pooh.  I'll show myself out.

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