Tuesday morning, the cops in Wyoming, Michigan got a surprise. A local resident walked into their facility with a couple of "what appeared to be, hand grenades”.

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According to MLive.com, the Wyoming Public Safety Department says the person who brought them in had found them while going through the house of a deceased relative. 40 staff members had to be evacuated. The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad was called in and found out  that already they looked very real - the munitions were, in fact, dummy rounds.(Check the photo in the MLive story. Looks like - tell me if I'm right - 20 mm dummy cannon rounds and a dummy mortar round)

However, the Wyoming police would prefer you don't show up with these at their place of work. Lt. Eric Wiler says, "call, don’t carry. If you find it in your house, call us and we’ll come to you,” Wiler said. “Please don’t put it in your car because we don’t know the volatility of these weapons, especially if they’re older.”

As I always told my kids - let's not pick up things that could explode. Here's the story.

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