Another week has passed and Congressman Peter Meijer representing Michigan's 3rd District, has decided to continue his attack against people in his own Party, the Republican Party.  Many in his district and those on CNN and MSNBC understand how afraid he was on January 6th, he told us all on a couple of videos he put out on Facebook.

This week he chose Memorial Day, a day in which we are supposed to honor those who died in service of our country.  On this Day Rep. Meijer decided to also call some Republicans “treacherous snakes” who are “salivating for civil war”.

I assume one of those people Rep. Meijer is angry with is Michigan Republican Party co-chair Meshawn Maddock.  Back on May 14th, she posted on Facebook a picture of herself and Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party leader who was one of many who convinced Britain to leave the European Union in early 2020.  She stated:

“Maybe it’s time for a #MIexit American’s tried it once before! Time to end our Governor’s tyrannical rule”

Last week Rep. Meijer was unsuccessful in his attempt to convince Republican Senators to agree with him and his colleagues who voted to form a bipartisan commission controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to create a 5th investigation into the Jan. 6th riot on the U.S. Capitol. His concern was if they were to reject a commission it would be bad for the party, which he did not say, and their hopes of bringing the Republican Party back together.

He told me in an interview that rejecting the commission won’t help people reconcile what he called fact from fiction about what occurred on Jan. 6th.

Well, Rep. Meijer if you believe this to be true then why are you not calling for a creation of a commission to look into the voting irregularities last that occurred last November all over the country?  Will this not help people reconcile fact from fiction about what happened over weeks of voting last fall?

At this point, you really must ask yourself why Rep. Meijer continues to attack his own Party and people, who still have the right to Free Speech, in that Party.  When was the last time you heard Meijer say one thing bad about Biden, his policies or anyone in the Democratic Party?

I have not seen one of his interviews on CNN in which he attacked or spoke ill of anything Biden or the Democrats are doing to this country.

Rep. Meijer, you want to see an attack against our Democracy then open your eyes and ears and see what the Democratic Party is doing not only to the country but to our society.  Your silence screams of support of what they are doing.

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