I certainly did not see this coming. The Detroit News is reporting that there is a committee within the Michigan Republican Party that is considering calling for the resignation of Republican State Senator Ed McBroom.

The Detroit News reported:

“the proposed resolution, obtained by The Detroit News, describes the Senate Oversight Committee's eight-month investigation into the 2020 election as "the product of gross official misconduct." The resolution primarily focuses on the Senate report's suggestion that Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel consider investigating individuals who pushed false claims about the election "to raise money or publicity for their own ends.

In the broader context of ongoing attacks against the American people’s right to free speech and the right to counsel, the report bolsters and encourages these attacks in a transparent attempt to intimidate and silence all citizens exposing the misconduct of election officials, challenging the results of the election and advocating for legal and policy remedies”

From the minute I read the “election integrity” report I had two concerns.  One was I believed McBroom went too far asking the most activist leftest Attorney General in Michigan History to go after fellow Republicans because of their concern over the last election.  They do have a right to free speech the last time I checked, perhaps not in Michigan according to some Republican politicians. 

The second concern was why would McBroom run this investigation and not call the people he accuses of spreading lies in front of him and his committee.  At that point, he could have proven to the world that what these people were stating was not true.  My thought was he was afraid of what they would actually say and produce evidence that he nor his committee could refute. He should have at least called former Republican State Senator Patrick Colbeck in front of his committee before sending the hounds after him.

The chairmen of the 13th Congressional District Republican Committee, David Dudenhoefer, said the resolution was supported by his group.  According to the article, he also believes that Republican State Senator McBroom had betrayed Republicans.  He was quoted saying:

"We’ve got enough people attacking us without fellow Republicans attacking us…If you do that, you’ve got to go."

Norm Shinkle, the chairman of the party's Issues Committee and chosen by Whitmer to be on the State Board of Canvassers, says he will oppose the resolution, he was quoted saying "this makes no sense”.

Not surprised Norm Shinkle would support a fellow Republican attacking other Republicans since Shinkle himself attacked Republicans.  Last April Shinkle said in reference to fellow Republicans:

"Some of these people are far out, and they think it's good for the Republican Party to condemn sitting Republicans, and I don't…That's terrible. ... It's got nothing to do with electing Republicans in 2022."

How about when the other Republican member of Michigan's Board of State Canvassers, Tony Duant, chosen by Whitmer called our former president Donald Trump a "malignancy” and went after fellow Republicans.  He actually calls himself a Republican after stating:

“I just want to thank you, the committee, for having the courage to do this report, to put the information out there without leaning on the scales, for having the courage to stand up against the malignancy that is Donald Trump and the people who have lacked the courage to stand up to him for the last six months"

Apparently, only establishment Republicans can insult fellow Republicans.  Does free speech only pertain to them?

The resolution did fail in the entire committee last Saturday.

It was also interesting to find that our old friends, who have become use to censures and resolutions stating disappointment in them, Congressmen Upton and Meijer were also scheduled to consider a censure resolution against them in the Issues Committee.  This censure was due to their vote for a completely political 14th investigation into the January 6th riot at the Capitol by Nancy Pelosi.  The same Nancy Pelosi who then would not allow the Republicans to choose which members would be part of this committee and decided she would choose the Republican members.  Wonder what Upton and Meijer have to say about that?

Surprise, surprise this resolution also failed.

By the way, Upton and Meijer have still not called for an investigation of the Democrat supporters who committed thousands of acts of insurrection all last year and continuing this year.  

I wonder why?

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