It's a busy time of year for postal workers, but for one it also scary.

While doing her job, a mail carrier was being stalked by two men. The postal carrier was visibly upset because of a red van that seemed to be following her.

Tania Jackson, a Detroit resident viewed her mail carrier threw her 'Ring' (which is a doorbell security system) and what she saw was upsetting. The homeowner went to her front porch when she noticed the carrier from her smartphone and told what she saw...

She was shaking, you could tell she was fearful," Jackson said, who quickly opened the door for the worker. She’s like, 'can I come in can I come in, please,'" Jackson said. "And I opened the door and I’m like yeah, come in. Are you okay? And she immediately said 'no.' She started crying.

Within seconds of stepping through Ms. Jackson's front door, both women witnessed the red van with 2 men in it as it sped away.

The Police were contacted immediately, and now both USPS and Detroit police are investigating the incident.

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