Michigan U. S. Senator Gary Peters is setting up two telephone town halls for everyone in the state tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31st) and Wednesday, April 1st. Senator Peters says he will be providing an update on federal government responses to the COVID-19 virus issues. He’ll also be ready to take and answer questions from Michigan residents.

Both telephone town halls are scheduled for 4:45 pm.

One of the topics he will talk about is the impact of the new stimulus legislation that has already been signed into law by President Donald Trump. It is known as the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  Financial support and other resources will be made available to workers, families, small businesses and medical care professionals. Michigan residents interested in joining either Telephone Town Hall must visit peters.senate.gov to sign-up. The Senator’s office notes that the RSVP deadlines are 8 pm tonight for the Tuesday town hall and 8 pm tomorrow for the Wednesday town hall.

Anyone who wants to participate must visit peters.senate.gov to sign-up.

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