The Michigan Republican Party is attempting to make what many call common-sense reforms to improve the integrity of our election.  In no way does any of their proposed reforms suppress voting and in fact, attempts to increase citizens' ability to vote.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson attacked every single election integrity reform the Michigan Republicans proposed.  In fact, there has not been one proposal by the Michigan Democrat Party to attempt to improve the integrity of our elections and that alone should tell you all you need to know about Michigan’s Democrat Party.

ABC12 News reported that a co-sponsor of the package of 39 election integrity bills, State Senator Ruth Johnson stated:

“It’s to make it usable harder to cheat we know after Proposition three went through in 2018 November, that there’s some holes in the system, we know that protocol wasn’t followed, we have an auditor general’s report that says that there were problems, and you must keep up and continually make sure you have a good system, one that’s fair, one that’s easy to use, but you can’t cheat, and one you can’t game the system on”

What I found most amusing and must thank her for giving me a chuckle this morning is something Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said at that press conference.  The person who actually believes that many of her voters, the Democratic Party voters/base, and by voters they actually point out black American voters, do not have photo identification. According to the Detroit Free Press Benson actually stated at that conference:

"Because you don't serve the people of this state by silencing their voices. Instead, you embarrass all of us."

Ensuring the integrity of our elections is an embarrassment but she, Whitmer, Nessel and the rest of the Democratic Party telling the world that many black people who vote for Democrats do not have photo identification is not an embarrassment to her or the rest of her party.


I want the minority community to know that the Republican Party does not think that lowly of you.  The Republican Party sees you as a human being and equal on every level to all human beings.  Unfortunately, the Democratic Party does not.  How about considering voting for an ideology/Party that thinks of you as intellectual equals and not less capable than everyone else.

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