Governor Snyder may be gearing up to sign new legislation increasing the speed limit on some Michigan roads to 75 mph.

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Soon you could put the hammer down in Michigan and drive 75 mph and not break the law. The Detroit News reports we could see the increases by next Summer with highway speeds rising to 75 and 65 mph limits on some rural roads.

For now, keep your eyes open for the cops on I-94 and 131 as most of the roads affected are in the Upper Peninsula.

Average highway speeds in the state right now are 78 mph; just because people are speeding, should we make it legal, or do you think the limits are artificially low?

Tell Governor Snyder what you think:

  • Phone: 517-373-3400
  • Governor Rick Snyder
    P.O. Box 30013
    Lansing, Michigan 48909

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