Are you finding any stores in Michigan that you feel our price-gouging during these trying times?  If so Michigan’s Government would like you to let them know.

They are accusations and if the prices are being quoted correctly certainly do sound like price-gouging going on in some stores in Michigan.  The items most reported are for surgical masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and water.

In a press release yesterday, Michigan’s Attorney General said her office has gotten approximately 240 price-gouging complaints since the beginning of the state’s COVID-19 outbreak.

According to reporting by MLive;

An executive order signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Sunday mandates a business or individual must not sell any product in Michigan at a price that is more than 20% higher than what the business or individual offered or charged for that product as of March 9.

A press release announcing the order described it as applying to:

goods, materials, emergency supplies, and consumer food items

According to the executive order, this applies to “any product in this state,” not just ones related to responses to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

If you have come across what you believe to be price gouging the Better Business Bureau has created a Facebook page dedicated to reporting price-gouging across the state.  On that Price Gouging in Michigan Facebook page, you can post photos and receipts of the products and shelf’s

You can also call the state’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 877-765-8388 or file a complaint online at

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