Marijuana, weed, pot, Mary Jane, grass, reefer, ganja, herb and bud have come a long way in my lifetime.  It was illegal, still is federally, and smoked hidden from the view and smell of parents and police officers.

People who chronically smoked marijuana were known as potheads.

Now in the span of my lifetime a United States University is offering a scholarship to those who want to learn more about marijuana, weed, pot, Mary Jane, grass, reefer, ganja, herb and bud.  A university that resides right here in the state of Michigan.

Lake Superior State University is proud to announce the first cannabis chemistry scholarship in the country. The scholarship is a modest $1,200 a year, but as anyone who went to college knows any amount helps.  The scholarship is offered by Steadfast Labs, a company based in Hazel Park, Michigan.

Steadfast Labs test marijuana to ensure access to safe marijuana/cannabis medicine.  Their scholarship will go towards students who are pursuing a degree in cannabis chemistry at LSSU.

The founder and CEO of Steadfast, Avram Zallen, stated:

“It is our great pleasure to grant this unprecedented scholarship for a cutting-edge program in an innovative industry. This grant is another opportunity for Steadfast to help LSSU students pursue careers in this exciting and important industry. ”

The President of Lake Superior State, Dr. Rodney S. Hanley stated:

“This generosity from Steadfast Labs is the latest example how our Cannabis Center of Excellence continues to pave the way in this discipline. The scholarship reinforces key components of our vision statement: being vanguard-focused and driving social mobility.  Our growing relationship with Steadfast Labs additionally furthers numerous parts of our strategic plan, including enhancing academic offerings, positioning cannabis studies as a national leader of academic inquiry, and bolstering community partnerships.”

What a long road marijuana has traveled in just 50 years.

Party on LSSU students, party on!

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