The U.S. Senate has voted on the confirmation of Amy Coney-Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Michigan’s two U.S. Senators, both Democrats, are voting no. Nonetheless, Barrett is now an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The Washington Post reports President Donald Trump and several Republican senators were standing by as Justice Clarence Thomas administered the constitutional oath to Barrett.

Michigan Democratic U.S. Senator Gary Peters originally announced his opposition to the nomination of Barrett. Then yesterday prior to the full U.S. Senate confirmation vote, he took the floor of the upper chamber to speak on the issue. Senator Peters said in part, “This nominee will significantly impact the lives of Michiganders and folks all across our country. We know that the Supreme Court is set to shortly consider a case that has far-reaching ramifications for peoples’ health care.  If the Trump administration gets its way in this lawsuit,  we could go back to the days when insurance companies once again call the shots on peoples’ health care.”

Senator Peters is facing a tough re-election challenge from Republican candidate John James. James has been favorable of the judge’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Senator Peters claims the Trump administration and Senate Republicans have has rushed the confirmation of Barrett to improve the President’s re-election bid.

Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow was going over a long list of problems that she has with Barrett during her speech on the Senate floor in advance of the confirmation vote. Senator Stabenow can’t find much that is acceptable surrounding the new Justice. “All across our country this year we've seen Americans standing up and speaking out for greater equality and greater justice. So, our choice is this. Does the highest court in the land stand with the people of America as we strive to build a more perfect union? Or does the court side with the most powerful interests and most extreme views that will take our country backward in our quest for justice and equality?”

The Washington Post reports the confirmation of Barrett cements a 6-to-3 balance on the Supreme Court with Justices nominated by Republican Presidents in the majority.

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